The inauguration of Cambrils Park Resort took place on the 21st July, 1996. It was a camping with 400 pitches, situated on 19 hectares of farmland. The old farmhouse was restored and converted into what is currently the restaurant ‘La Masía’. The first swimming pool and bar were built just next to this restaurant. It is easy to consider the restaurant ‘La Masía’ as the heart of the old Resort, thanks to its charm and its rustic origins.

Known as Camping Cambrils Park, it had 60 employees and capacity for 1200 guests. With high quality features and facilities, it was the only luxury camping on the Costa Daurada. It led the way to a new style of camping and focused on providing high quality. It benefited from the experiences provided by Camping Sangulí, which had been developing since 1972. People appreciated the exclusiveness offered by the campsite and it became a great success.

This success led to the first expansion of Cambrils Park, just one year after it opened. Between 1997 and 1998 the camping went on to have 800 pitches and was awarded the prize for Best Camping in Spain by the DCC (German Camping Club) and the Tourism Merit Diploma by the Catalan Government. From this moment onwards, we made a commitment to continually make improvements, a commitment which still stands in place today.

The next expansion took place two years later and the Camping Resort received wide international recognition. In 2000, we built seventy Aloha Bungalows (wooden bungalows with thatched rooftops, representing typical Polynesian houses). Whilst developing into its present form, Camping Cambrils Park Resort was awarded; Eurotop Camping Superplatz, placing it within 70 of the best sites in Europe; The Best Camping in Spain by the ANWB and at the same time is was recognised by the ADAC as one of the top 60 campsites in Europe.

During the next three years, following on from our commitment, we finalized the Polynesian area. Cambrils Park now had an entire area, inspired by the popular Oceanic islands, with 160 bungalows and various services. However, perhaps the most significant addition was the new pool; the Animal Kingdom (currently referred to as the Caribbean Jungle), a pool which includes five elephant statues and a dragon slide.


Consolidation of Camping Cambrils Park Resort

In 2003, the Resort received the "Q" Quality Tourism Award, by the spanish Ministry of Tourism. This reaffirmed our commitment to investment and improvement. Over the next three years the transformation of a camping to a resort continued, this time with the construction of the Caribbean Area: 79 colourful bungalows, inspired by the Caribbean (named Villa Bonitas) and two themed pools, set in the surroundings of the Caribbean.

We continued making progress and paid special attention to the exclusiveness of the camping resort and the services provided for children. Our efforts were recognised in 2008 and Cambrils Park was certified as a Family Tourist Destination by the Catalan Government.

The campsite continued replacing pitches with bungalows, this led to the construction of themed areas, giving the the Camping Resort more appeal. In 2009, the Caribbean area expanded with the construction of an additional 85 bungalows. At the same time, a new project ‘La Mediterrània’ was also underway. With this, Cambrils Park began its transformation into a family resort and with its sports areas and water attractions it became a haven for children.


Cambrils Park Resort, a high class holiday complex

In 2012, Cambrils Park is now without pitches and has 3 themed swimming pools, distributed in the areas of the Polynesia and the Caribbean. Work began on the construction of the new area ‘La Mediterrània’. This involved the construction of 170 apartments, with white finished walls accompanied by coloured framework, resembling Mediterranean architecture.

It is also the year in which Cambrils Park received certificates of excellence from two websites which specialise in tourism. Tripadvisor gave us the Certificate of Excellence for achieving a valuation of 4.5 out of 5 and Zoover named Cambrils Park as a Recommended Establishment.

The inauguration of the ‘La Mediterrània’ area took place the following year and with this, the supposed completion of the expansion of the Resort. Alongside the new superior 4 star accommodation, we recreated the relaxing atmosphere found on our coastline, with a pool surrounded by an artificial beach and a harbour, presided by a lighthouse. This area includes other buildings such as a Town Hall, which serves as the administration centre and a Market building where shops and the restaurant ‘El Pescador’ may be found. This restaurant offers a wide Mediterranean menu.

Our aim is to offer services throughout the whole year. To achieve this, we have opted for sports tourism during the winter months, as we feel that our facilities offer the necessary amenities to meet the requirements for this particular type of tourism. Furthermore, the addition of the FITNESS & SPA not only provides the opportunity to exercise and relax for clients during the summer, it also provides a place of recuperation and preparation for athletes during the winter.

Another exclusive characteristic is the ability to offer the option of half board. The restaurant ‘La Masía’ was extended in 2014, to include a new Buffet service, which provides our customers with the option of breakfast or half board during their stay. This gastronomic space offers a wide variety of products and also includes show-cooking.

Cambrils Park Resort is an exclusive holiday resort, thanks to its range of quality services.



  • 1996: creation of 400 pitches on 19 hectares of land
  • 1998: number of pitches increased to 800
  • 2000: construction starts on the Polynesian Area with 70 Aloha Bungalows
  • 2001-2003: completion of the Polynesia Area with the Animal Kingdom pool
  • 2004-2010: international consolidation of Camping Cambrils Park Resort
  • 2007-2011: Caribbean Area: Villa Bonitas + Caribbean Port
  • 2009: an additional 85 Villa Bonitas are built in the Caribbean Area
  • 2011: construction starts on ‘La Mediterrània’
  • 2012: end of the camping era to make way for Cambrils Park Resort
  • 2013: inauguration of ‘La Mediterrània’